Internet of Things (IoT) Summit at RWW2019
20-21 January 2019 // Orlando, Florida, USA


The Internet of Things (IoT) meets the Internet of Space (IoS)

During the last decade the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen tremendous investments and accelerating adoption. The Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative has worked with each of the 20 sponsoring Societies and Councils to develop deep dive events that bring together industry, the public sector, and the research community, focused on a specific subject. This year the IEEE IoT Summit in conjunction with RWW2019 in Orlando will be exploring the synergies between IoT and IoS. The Summit is a day and a half event beginning on Sunday January 20th and concluding on Monday January 21st, 2019. We urge you to join us and participate if you have an interest in either IoS or IoT.

The Internet of Things, in any application, consists of a cycle that includes: the use of sensors; the collection of data from many sources; the exploitation of massive connectivity; the application of data driven analysis techniques for modeling and understanding; methods in artificial intelligence and machine learning for decision making; and finally taking actions to conclude the “IoT control loop”. The driving factor is the deep digitization of products, services, and processes to deliver new knowledge, functionality and economic value.

The Internet of Space (IoS), in broad terms, is about creating the space and ground-based infrastructure for sensing and for communications driven by the revolution and re-invigoration of the space enterprise. Specifically, the mixture of highly capable Small Satellites, large LEO and MEO constellations, as well as GEO Satellites with high bandwidth capabilities, and the improved economics of manufacturing and launch to orbit, has opened exciting new possibilities for:

  • Satellite based sensor systems working in many modalities:

    • Providing high resolution naturally or synthetically
    • Frequent revisit times
    • Effective area coverage
    • On board processing
    • Relevance to many applications
  • Space based communication services and capabilities for:

    • Collection and transmission of sensor and payload data
    • Satellite to satellite links for coordination and cooperation
    • Almost ubiquitous area coverage
    • Critical requirements
    • Emerging Broadband needs
  • Ground based infrastructure used for:

    • Collecting, storing, and distributing data
    • Cloud, Edge, and Fog computational processing
    • Aggregation and routing of communications
    • Interconnection with terrestrial communication systems

The IoS promises many capabilities for IoT Architectures and Capabilities that are either unique or would otherwise not be economically feasible. The program for the Summit will explore where IoT meets IoS. We expect that most of the speakers will be selected by invitation and represent a balance from industry, government, and academia.

The majority of the presentations for the Summit are chosen by invitation and address current issues important to IoT and the theme of the Summit. In this call for submissions, we are seeking the following items:

  • Suggestions for speakers to present on the subjects identified above.
  • Suggestions for assisting in organizing panels or round-tables on specific subtopics and in identifying panel participants.
  • Suggestions for other formats that will help the Summit be more interactive and meaningful to the audience.
  • Submission of papers to accompany presentations at the Summit. These will be fully peer reviewed as indicated in the instructions below. The choice of presenters will be made by the Summit Chairs, based on relevance to the Summit. Selection of a presenter does not guarantee the acceptance of papers for publication.

The majority of the presentations are by invitation. However, we will also accommodate a limited number of original and novel submitted papers. These will be fully peer reviewed, and the accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore. If you wish to submit a paper, please follow the instructions below. The deadline for submission is September 30th, 2018.  Please note that we may ask you to participate as a presenter if we conclude that the material is highly relevant to the summit, but your paper was not accepted for publication. We expect that all the presentations will be posted on the Summit Website after the event. The program and presentations from last year can be found at: